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Engineering Programs

High Point University offers 3-2 cooperative programs in engineering with Vanderbilt University and Virginia Tech. Students enrolled at High Point University and interested in preparation for a career in engineering, may upon a successful completion of an approved three-year program in pre-engineering curriculum, transfer to Vanderbilt University or Virginia Tech to complete requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Vanderbilt University or Virginia Tech and the Bachelor of Arts or Science degree from High Point University.

Upon admission to High Point University, the interested student will make his or her intention to participate in the 3-2 program known to the pre-engineering advisor as soon as possible to permit cooperative planning for the individual student's particular interests.

Students will apply to Vanderbilt University or Virginia Tech after the completion of the second of three years at High Point University. With the recommendation of High Point University and the successful completion of the three year course of study at High Point University with an approved GPA, the student will be assured of admission to the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering or the Virginia Tech School of Engineering. Completion of the course work at Vanderbilt University or Virginia Tech will normally require two years.

High Point University will provide academic advising assistance to students in the pre-engineering curriculum with all matters related to their transfer to Vanderbilt University or Virginia Tech.

The pre-engineering curriculum at High Point University offers the courses that are generally prerequisite for transfer to a school of engineering. During the three years of study at High Point University, the student should complete the following courses:

CHM 101-102 General Chemistry 8 hrs
English Composition and Literature 3 hrs
MTH 142 Calculus I 3 hrs
MTH 241 Calculus II 3 hrs
MTH 242 Calculus III 3 hrs
MTH 327 Differential Equations 3 hrs
PHY 221-222 General Physics with Calculus 8 hrs
Humanities and Social Sciences * 12 hrs
Physical Education Activity courses 2-4 hrs
ECO 207 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 hrs
ECO 208 Principles of Microeconomics 3 hrs

Students intending to major in chemical engineering should elect Chemistry 209-210 in their second year.

*Comparative religion, comparative literature, music, philosophy (especailly philosophy of science), political science, sociology.