Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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B.S. Mathematics
B.A. Mathematics
B.S. Computer Science
B.A. Computer Science
B.S. Actuarial Science
B.S. Mathematical Economics

Programs of Study

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers courses in mathematics, computer science and statistics and four major programs of study. For students needing the mathematical skills required in such fields as science and engineering or who plan to work in a quantitative area of business, continue study in a graduate or professional school, or become high school mathematics teachers, the department's B.S. in Mathematics is an excellent choice. The department also offers B.A. in Mathematics. During 2009/2010, the department updated the curriculum. The new curriculum became effective in the Fall 2010 semester. The old programs of study will still apply to some degree for students caught in the transistion period.

For students who desire in-depth knowledge of computer science in preparation for excellent employment potential or perhaps graduate school in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics, the department's B.S. in Computer Science is a superb choice. The department's B.A. in Computer Science will appeal to the student who desires a working knowledge of computer science and applied mathematical topics in preparation for excellent employment opportunities.

Recently, the department has added two additional programs of study, Actuarial Science and Mathematical Economics. The B.S. in Actuarial Science and B.S. in Mathematical Economics are interdisciplinary degrees that combine Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, and Economics.

The Engineering program is a 3-2 Engineering program with either Vanderbilt Univeristy or Virginia Tech. The typical student will complete three years of course work at High Point Univeristy and two years at either Vanderbilt University or Virginia Tech to obtain potentially two degrees.

Lastly, for students majoring in other subject areas (business, economics, social sciences, chemistry, biology, sports medicine, and others) who are interested in mathematics or computer science and desire to strengthen their background, the department offers a minor in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.