Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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B.S. Mathematics
B.A. Mathematics
B.S. Computer Science
B.A. Computer Science
B.S. Actuarial Science

B.A. in Computer Science

All majors must take the following courses.
CSC 121 Internet Applications
CSC 162 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSC 262 Advanced Programming
CSC 305 Data Structures
CSC 340 Assembly and Machine Language
CSC 341 Computer Architecture
CSC 499 Senior Seminar
MTH 142 Calculus I
MTH 241 Calculus II
MTH 263 Linear Algebra

Two electives from the list below, at least one of which must be CSC course.
CSC 345 File Processing
CSC 348 Computer Networking
CSC 350 Programming Languages
CSC 388 Special Topics
CSC 411-419 Independent Study
CSC 422 Operating Systems
CSC 430 Computer Graphics
CSC 435 Parallel Computing
CSC 450 Compiler Design and Implementation
CSC 460 Numerical Methods
CSC 488 Special Topics
CIS 241 Database II
MTH 372 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
STS 220 Introduction to Statistics

In addition, all applied computer technology majors must take 6 to 8 hours of any laboratory science.