Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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B.S. Mathematics
B.A. Mathematics
B.S. Computer Science
B.A. Computer Science
B.S. Actuarial Science

B.A. in Mathematics

I. All majors must take the following courses.
MTH 142 Calculus I
MTH 210 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 241 Calculus II
MTH 242 Calculus III
MTH 263 Linear Algebra
MTH 390 The Historical Development of Mathematics
MTH 499 Senior Seminar
CSC 162 Computer Programming

II. Two elective courses from the following:
MTH 327 Differential Equations
MTH 361 Abstract Algebra
MTH 441 Advanced Calculus

III. One elective course selected from:
MTH 243 Vector Calculus
MTH 311 Geometry
MTH 388 Special Topics
MTH 411-419 Independent Study
MTH 460 Numerical Methods
MTH 488 Special Topics
STS 315 Probability
STS 320 Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis
STS 321 Linear Statistical Models
MTH 327 Differential Equations - If not select above
MTH 361 Abstract Algebra - If not select above
MTH 441 Advanced Calculus - If not select above

IV. In addition, all B.A. in mathematics degree seeking students must take one of the following year long sequences of a laboratory science:
PHY 221 and 222
CHM 101 and 102
BIO 130 and one of BIO 211/212
PHY 301 and 302

Note: If a student is obtaining teacher certification in mathematics, the student must select MTH 361 Abstract Algebra as one choice in II and must select MTH 311 Geometry, in III. In addition, a student obtaining teacher certification in mathematics must take either .STS 220 Introduction to Statistics or STS 320 Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, to satisfy North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's requirements for certification.

Mathematics Minor

All minors must take the following courses.
MTH 142 Calculus I
MTH 241 Calculus II
MTH 263 Linear Algebra
STS 220 Statistics

Minors must also select two elective mathematics courses at the 200-400 level.