Matter & Interactions 2nd ed. Practice Problems
Aaron Titus | High Point University
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12a0001     Conservation of momentum for colliding cars on a track.     12a0001
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You do an experiment with colliding cars on a low-friction track. Car 1 of mass 0.5 kg is moving in the direction at a speed of 2 m/s when it collides with Car 2 of mass 1.0 kg which is at rest. After the collision, Car 1 rebounds and moves to the right with a speed of 0.67 m/s. Define the system as Car 1.

  1. What is the change in the momentum of the system as a result of the collision?
  2. What objects in the surroundings interact with the system during the collision and what is the change in the momentum of the surroundings?
  3. What is the velocity of Car 2 after the collision?