High Point University offers many options for math help - please take advantage of them!

Spring 2014 Schedules

The Math Lab,
(free drop in math help, staffed by math department faculty!)
Mondays 11:50-1:30, CONH 328
Tuesdays 11:50-1:30, CONH 209
Wednesdays 11:50-1:30, CONH 328
Thursdays 11:50-1:30, CONH 209

Peer Tutoring, 4th floor Smith Library (only math hours are listed, for full schedule see link below)
Monday 2-3
Wednesday 4-6
Thursday 2-6

Individual tutoring by request via http://www.highpoint.edu/academicservices/
(Link on the left hand side, the complete peer tutoring schedule is also posted there)