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Office Information:
Spring 2017
Instructor: Roger Shore Class Schedule:
Office Location: Congdon Hall 150 MWF 7:50-9:00AM CSC-1710
Telephone: 841-9031 MW 12:05-1:45PM CSC-2310
Office Hours: TTH 8-10AM M 3:30-4:30PM CSC-4610
MW 2-3:30PM TTh 3:30-5:10PM CSC-3360
W 3:25-5:15PM CSC-1710 Lab
E-Mail: rshore@linus.highpoint.edu Web site: linus.highpoint.edu/~rshore
Current Classes:
ACM Programming Contest Information

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  1. Metalab Linux Archive
  2. www.linux.org

Faculty Disk hogs on Linus!
Student Disk hogs on Linus!
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