ACM Programming Contest 2010

The ACM contest this year in on Nov. 6th. We will take 4 teams to the Duke University Site. There will be practice sessions weekly and a couple of local competions before the contest.

The Rules Current Suggested Problem List

The players/solved problems

Below is a list of students that have expressed an interest. If your name is not in the list, and you want to be in the list or taken out, please let me know.

  1. Christian Weigandt - spoj-3041 ACM-3108, 2017, 2362, 2640, 2832, 4197
  2. Thomas Langford - ACM-3108
  3. Kevin Sanders - ACM-4192
  4. John Czaplicki - spoj-
  5. Samantha Allen
  6. Alex Palmer
  7. Sal Pezzino
  8. Max Flicker
  9. Thomas Bringer
  10. Bill Frasure
  11. Andrew Proctor
  12. Aaron Robinson
  13. Zachary Shore
  14. Randall Williams
  15. Molly Shore