Programming Contest 2010

The date for the local contest with A&T, UNCG, Elon, GTCC, etc has not been announced, it should be sometime after March. Also, we will have an on-line mini contest with Elon early in the semester. If there is some interest, we can look into IEEE contest.

The Rules for the A&T contest is the same as the ACM contest Current Suggested Problem List

The players/solved problems

Below is a list of students that have expressed an interest. If your name is not in the list, and you want to be in the list or taken out, please let me know.

  1. Samantha Allen, 4192, 4193, 4197, (SPOJ.PL 1026,42,902)
  2. Alex Palmer, 3426, 4192, 4197, 3410, 4906
  3. Sal Pezzino, 4192
  4. Kathalyn Arca, 4192
  5. Austin Bason
  6. Jeff Anderson
  7. Sarah Ball
  8. Thomas Bringer
  9. Ebonee Farrow
  10. Bill Frasure
  11. Andrew Proctor
  12. Aaron Robinson
  13. Zachary Shore
  14. Randol Williams
  15. Keri Ives