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I teach physics, astronomy, and electronics at High Point University. I have a BS in physics from Penn State University and a Ph.D. in physics from North Carolina State University. My dissertation was in physics education under the direction of Bob Beichner.

My professional interest is physics education, especially effective applications of educational technology. I codeveloped WebAssign with Dr. Larry Martin as a graduate student. Presently, I participate in development of or using Physlets, WebAssign, OpenSourcePhysics, VPython, and WebTOP. In general, I can write sloppy code in Perl and Java. I'm a huge Mac OS X and LaTeX fan.

I use Matter & Interactions, an innovative calculus-based textbook by Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood and am involved in the community of M&I users.

I owe thanks to many people for the many blessings in my life. First, I recognize the peace, love, and faith that I've experienced through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Second, I thank my wife, Kim, and my wonderful kids, Melody and Michaela, for their constant love and support. Finally, I thank the many people who have taught me so much about physics and teaching and really cultivated my professional interests, especially Larry Martin, Wolfgang Christian, Ruth Chabay, Bruce Sherwood, John Risley, John Hubisz, and Bob Beichner. Also, thank you to my colleagues at HPU in the sciences for influencing me everyday. I especially thank Dr. Charlie Warde for inviting me to come to High Point University.

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