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M&I VPython Programs


To run the VPython programs below, you should download and install VPython.

Some of these programs are just sample programs that go with the lab activities. Others are used as interactive lecture demonstrations.

Programs written by Aaron Titus are licensed under the GPL license. You may freely modify them or distribute them. Please see readme.txt for more details.

Some programs are modifications of programs written by others. Credit in this case is given in the comments of the program, and modifications have been sent back to the original author. These programs are not necessarily under the GPL license.

Name [up, down] Size [up, down]
02-binary-stars.py 1487
02-newton.py 2570
02-orbit-comet.py 2813
02-projectile-motion.py 996
03-damped-oscillator.py 1525
03-ferris-wheel.py 2547
03-sho-spring-lab.py 1429
03-sho-spring.py 679
08_rutherford_alphawavefront.py 1158
09_barbell_collision_fixed_inelastic.py 2158
09_barbell_collision_free_elastic.py 2641
09_barbell_collision_free_inelastic.py 2781
09_rot_trans_wheel.py 4473
gpl.txt 15109
helix.py 1926
readme.txt 1262
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