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Tracker Digital Libraries

Tracker is a free open-source, multi-platform Java application for video analysis written by Doug Brown. In my opinion, it is currently the best video analysis software for students and teachers.

A Tracker digital library is a collection of videos, Tracker files, and documents that can be opened and viewed from within Tracker.

Check out this screencast showing how to open a digital library from within Tracker.

Digital Library URL (copy and paste into the Tracker Digital Library Browser)
PHY 3110 (Classical Mechanics) (09/2012) http://physics.highpoint.edu/~atitus/tracker/phy3110/
Standing Waves on a String (08/2012) http://physics.highpoint.edu/~atitus/tracker/standing-waves/
Guilford County Schools Workshop (08/2012) http://physics.highpoint.edu/~atitus/tracker/gcs/
AAPTS12 W08 LivePhoto Physics: Advanced Projects with Video Analysis (07/2012) http://physics.highpoint.edu/~atitus/tracker/aapt-s12/
AAPTS12 BE02: Advanced Video Analysis for Student Research (07/2012) http://physics.highpoint.edu/~atitus/tracker/aapt-s12be02/
ALPHA12: Video Analysis with Tracker for Advanced Physics Labs (07/2012) http://physics.highpoint.edu/~atitus/tracker/alpha12/

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